Wild About Wood

Wooden accessories never go out of style. They’re classic pieces with a rustic kind of charm that can add a real funky flair to almost any look, without making it appear too stuffy or overdone. And in the summer months especially, that’s exactly the kind of accessory a girl needs to take any casual hot-weather look from ordinary to absolutely fabulous.

This week’s gem – snagged at one of my favorite Manhattan Goodwill shops, of course – is a big, chunky wooden bangle that’s sure to grab attention for all the right reasons. It’s certainly a large piece, so you could easily wear it without any other jewelry and still look polished and put together. But somehow, despite its size, it’s still sophisticated, meaning it won’t overtake the rest of the outfit you choose to wear it with. The small coral and gold gems dotted around its perimeter add a pretty, feminine touch to this otherwise bulky piece, but subtly so, without being gaudy or over-the-top – exactly what is needed to complement a cool, casual summertime look.

ImageThe natural beauty of wood is so on-point for summer, and this playful piece highlights that natural gorgeousness with small, subtle gold and coral studs that will easily upgrade any effortless summer ensemble.

Wear this everywhere. Really. Wear it with a pretty, flowing cocktail dress in a contrasting hue to a summer wedding (a bright green or yellow would be lovely). Or, wear it with your comfy-est, most casual pair of cutoff shorts and a loose, patterned tee. You really can use this bracelet to dress a look up or down in an instant. And while it works beautifully with the entire gamut of a girl’s summer wardrobe, one of my favorite ways to wear a chic but natural wooden accessory like this one is with a classic sundress.

The neutral color scheme of the pictured dress is a lovely complement to the rustic wood, but the bold floral pattern keeps all those neutrals from seeming too blah or boring, and the bright coral gems on the bangle are the perfect tiny pop of color to stand out against them.

ImageA chic, natural accessory like this bold wooden bangle is the perfect statement piece for summer. You can choose to wear it with almost any warm-weather outfit and feel sure it will look fantastic, but one of the easiest and loveliest ways to really show it off is with a classic floral sundress.

Happy shopping!


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