Summer Camp in Full Swing

An excited group of seventy campers from the Goodwill Summer Program at the New Mountain Academy Summer Camp went on a field trip last week to the Statue of Liberty!

The campers traveled down to Battery Park, where they were picked up by a cruise liner that took them on a tour around the harbor and up the river. The campers were thrilled to get this world-class view of the beautiful Manhattan skyline that tourists from all over the world come to see.


After the river tour, the campers sailed over to Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. Campers were given a tour by National Park Service staff, and learned about the history of the Statue.


After visiting Liberty Island, the campers returned to Battery Park, and headed home after a long, exciting, fun-filled fruitful day.

The Goodwill Summer Program at the Astoria Family Learning Center serves up to 80 children that range from the age of 5-13. During the fun filled 7 weeks our children attend many educationally focused trips such as The Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Natural History and the Noguchi Museum, the Liberty Science Center and the New York Hall of Science.   Nature is explored with live animal shows, trips to the Bronx Botanical Gardens, the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium and more.   During on-site days our children do various recreational activities, nature walks and once a week they experience swimming at an Olympic sized pool on Roosevelt Island.   There is some emphasis on education with local college tours. The children receive a rich taste of the arts by receiving instruction in the areas of dance, drama and arts and crafts.  These skills are put on display as the children perform an end of camp play that will incorporate what they have learned.




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