Too Hot to Handle

The heat wave has hit. And after a slow start to the summer, boy has it hit hard. There’s only so much you can do to keep yourself looking and feeling good when the intense July heat and humidity starts to feel overwhelming and oppressive, and it’s set to do so this week. So carry a mini fan and water spritzer with you at all times, and forget the makeup altogether, ladies, because really, what’s the point?  It’s going to melt right off – all you can do is to wear you lightest, most breathable clothing, and stack on a few well-chosen but simple accessories to keep yourself looking put together, no matter how hot it gets.

That’s why I absolutely adore a fabulous pair of earrings like the pair I found recently at my local Goodwill shop. Their brilliantly painted floral motif is perfect for accessorizing a plethora of summer looks. But the light, thin metal discs have no heavy beads or other pieces dangling , so these earrings won’t weigh you down, or graze your already overheated neck. The lovely rich black of the bottom half of these gems contrasts beautifully with the gold metallic outline and bright orange, pink, and green of the flower etched onto its surface. And since these earrings contain so many different colors – including the city girl’s go-to  black – they’ll easily complement just about anything you’ve got in your closet.

ImageThe key to dressing for a scorcher of a summer heat wave? Minimize your items of clothing and maximize your use of accessories!

To best complement these jewels, keep it simple and straightforward. Here, I’ve chosen a breezy, strapless cotton dress in a vivid shade of green – an ideal color to let the contrasting pinks, oranges, inky black of the earrings really stand out. It’s best not to clutter up your look with too many items in such strong heat. Let the dress and your one perfect choice of accessory grab all the attention, and truly minimize the amount of things you have on to keep yourself feeling as comfortable and stylish as possible.

I also can’t help but adore an accessory that easily goes with everything.

ImageWhether you’re wearing these gorgeously painted earrings with cut-off shorts and a tee or an airy summer dress, these beauties are the perfect standout accessory for pairing with every kind of outfit in your summer wardrobe, even during the most oppressive of hot summer days.

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