Goodwill Gems: Big Style, Little Stress, Sexy Studded Heels

Meet the new you, just in time for spring. Our Lauren Haslett is rediscovering her Springtime self at her local Goodwill, and she’s finding out she’s especially in the market for high-style, low-fuss finds. For instance – she’s head over heels for week’s Goodwill Gem: Big Style, Little Stress, Sexy Studded Heels!

Made in soft, richly colored leather and accented with trendy studded details, these super chic heeled sandals are all you need to complete your spring-to-summer wardrobe.

Big style, little stress. Haven’t you always wanted to know the perfect formula for creating stylish ensembles every day, while putting in minimal amounts of time and effort? Of course you have! We’re all short on time and long on errands, so finding a way to look great without knocking yourself out to get there is every city girl’s dream – or at least it’s this girl’s, and I really don’t think I’m alone here…

And while I can’t really claim this combo is perfect – everyone has their own individual style – it does come in handy in a pinch. The key to this easy-peezy, yet still fabulously stylish look? The sexy, studded, high-heeled sandals I grabbed for an absolute steal at my local Goodwill store, of course.

The deep brown and caramel-colored leathers that make up these high-flying heel are absolutely divine – they look rich, buttery soft, and undeniably extravagant. And the simple gold stud detailing adds a lot of character to these really pretty simple strappy shoes – no one would ever know you’d snagged these babies at your favorite thrift.

You can’t screw this up. So what to wear with a fantastically sassy pair of sandals like these? Really, whatever you pull out of your warm weather wardrobe will look stunning next to these starlet-worthy heels. They’d instantly dress up your favorite summer sundress, or a pair of tailored shorts and light, flowing tank in an on-trend, sherbet-y hue.

But since summer’s not here quite yet, make these strappy, toe-baring sandals work for the slightly cooler spring weather, by pairing them with a sheer blouse in a seasonally appropriate floral (or other bright, fun print) and your comfiest pair of soft, stretchy, skinny trousers.

Putting together a casual chic spring ensemble really is as easy as 1-2-3: all you need are your new strappy, studded sandals, skinny pants, and a light, loose blouse and you’re set!

With the slim cut pants on your bottom half, these heels will only make your legs look that much longer and leaner, while the loose, airy blouse covered in vivid colors will brighten up your face and balance out the shape of this look. The heeled sandals effortlessly dress up a simple outfit like this, but still keep it feeling light, summery, and sophisticated enough for work or play. To make it warm enough for breezy early spring days, add a fitted blazer and a light scarf on top.

What style secrets are you (re)discovering this spring? Tell us over on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted and keep rocking your style, fellow Goodwill hunters!


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