All Thrifty States Comes to New York!

New York just got even better – yesterday, All Thrifty States‘ Jenna Isaacson brought her and her second-hand mission into it.

Welcome to New York, Jenna!
Welcome to New York, Jenna!

All Thrifty States: A Visual Journey through America’s Collective Closets is a photo project and upcoming book. It takes an investigative look into the significance of second-hand shopping, and how consumers’ purchases of previously used items can be not only a choice that is healthy for the planet, but an answer to the consumerism that has pushed Americans’ spending habits to the max.

Jenna left DC April 6 and has been hitting the road and stopping in cities ever since, creating awareness and promoting an alternative to American consumerism. Jenna’s goal is to encourage people to lead a more ‘second-hand’ lifestyle.

Of course, this lifestyle is leading her straight to Goodwill in every city she visits. Turns out Jenna has been a Goodwill shopper all her life – and now you can bet she’s a donator, too.

Jenna stopped by our Troy Goodwill upstate earlier this week and will be down in the Goodwill Village Boutique late next week. We’ll be sure to give you the details in case you’re able to swing by, and you can always check in with Jenna herself over at

Happy Friday and Happy Second-Hand Living, all!


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