Thrift Store Shopping Secrets: Lindsey Calla, Ricki Lake & GoodwillNyNj

What’s a major trend in shopping this season? Thrifting! How cool is that? Whether it’s because of Macklemore’s ditty or rising eco-awareness, we’re delighted to see others realize Goodwill is the way to go.

In this little vid, fashion-fantastic Lindsey Calla tells Ricki Lake all about what’s really in style (stellar finds for wallet-loving prices) this spring:

To give you a little background, Lindsey Calla is TV host, personal style blogger on a real girl budget, Maxxinista, and cupcake lover who keeps a killer site, Saucy Glossie, on all things stylish.

Saucy Glossy
Saucy Glossie’s Lindsey gazes into the future of fashion. What does she see? On-trend budget-friendly thrift!

If you keep a stand-out blog and love Goodwill, let us know! Either write us in the comments here, tweet us, post a link on our Facebook page or shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you and see what we can do to share your love of thrift with the world – or at least the Greater New York and Northern New Jersey area 😉 Hope to hear from you soon!

**UPDATE: To celebrate you, our amazing customers, we’ll be having a series of Goodwill Customer Appreciation Sales!

Please join us this Tuesday, April 2nd at any of our New York City district stores (with the exception of the Van Dam Outlet) for 25% off merchandise.

Upcoming GoodwillNyNj Customer Appreciation Sales:

*           April 2 – New York City
*           April 9 – Long Island
*           April 16 – Hudson Valley (except Kingston)
*           April 23 – Capital District, Kingston & Broome County
*           April 30 – Northern New Jersey


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