Goodwill Gems: Bright & Delightful Springtime Flats

You may not feel it in the air, but tomorrow is the First Day of Spring! Our correspondent Lauren has been tinkering with her wardrobe all winter long, donating and shopping at her local Goodwill. This week’s find might just be her most Spring-ful one to date – and she’s counting the days (and the weather forecasts) until she can celebrate the new season in this week’s Good Gem: Bright & Delightful Springtime Flats.


This sprightly, striped pair of comfy fabric flats are the most ideal shoe for the spring season – the cute pattern and vivid colors will instantly liven up any look, no matter how basic.

Seriously, it is springtime! Almost, at least. The official start of the spring season is just days away. And whatever it looks like outside, mentally, I’m already totally there (and I know I’m not the only one). Even if you can’t quite feel the warm spring sun on your face just yet, you can keep yourself calm during the long (very long, this year) wait by getting your spring wardrobe ready now.

A perfectly patterned pair of stretchy cotton flats is a darling choice to finish off almost any spring ensemble. This pair, found at my favorite neighborhood Goodwill spot, of course, is made of a bright, fun fabric striped in a rainbow of colors. The soft fabric will easily stretch and mold to the wearer’s feet, making them the next best thing to actually being barefoot (unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait a little longer for beach weather).

It always feels good to get creative with your day-to-day look, and feel like you nailed it. And these sweet shoes and brilliantly colored stripes are perfect for days like that. But for those mornings when you feel like you just don’t have the energy to spend extra time mulling outfit options in front of your crammed closet? These shoes work beautifully on days like that, too.

Colorful flats are an absolutely effortless way to add a chic, slightly adventurous touch of style to even your easiest spring outfits.

Colorful flats are an absolutely effortless way to add a chic, slightly adventurous touch of style to even your easiest spring outfits.

Throw on your favorite pair of stretchy, skinny jeans or trousers, a soft, solid blouse or tee-shirt, and a neutral, tailored blazer, and you’ve got a simple but polished look that can take you absolutely anywhere. And after adding a cool, cute pair of colorful flats like this one, and maybe a funky scarf in a contrasting pattern to boot, you’re ready to head out practically anywhere, whether you’re running to work or heading to brunch date with your best girlfriends.

How are you preparing your wardrobe for spring? Tell us over on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted and keep rocking your style, fellow Goodwill hunters!


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