Goodwill Gems: Color-Blocked Kicks

Moping through another grey day? Color-block the winter blues away! Our correspondent Lauren is bringing brights out block by block in brilliant finds gathered from her local Goodwill. Take a look (and a color-blocking call to action) with this week’s Goodwill Gem: Color-Blocked Kicks.

These stylish heels are sure to bring the color-blocking trend front and center once again.

These stylish heels are sure to bring the color-blocking trend front and center once again.

Color-blocking isn’t exactly new. We’ve seen celebs and style-savvy civilians alike rocking this trend for quite some time, but if you’ve (still!) yet to jump on the color-blocking train – or if you’re just hoping for a hip revival – you are in luck.

This week’s find is a fabulous pair of color-blocked heels by Steve Madden. These shoes are in fantastic shape, and no one will ever suspect you picked them up at your local thrift – though really, with a find like this, I think you’ve earned some bragging rights, so why not go on and tell everyone?

Color-blocking seems like an easy trend to pull off, no? That is, at least when it’s the simple (but still elegant) dress with a beautiful skirt, band, and bodice in harmonizing hues that some lovely designer has already put together for you.

But that’s not the only way to rock the color-blocked kicks. Take a look:


Color-blocking becomes a cinch to pull off with a polished pair of heels like these – the contrasting colors and textures in these shoes make for an instantly appealing look, no matter what you top them with.

If you want to stick to unfussy and polished look that still utilizes this trend, you can go the route I’ve stuck to here. I’ve taken the two boldest, biggest swatches of color found in the shoe – the traditional black and brilliantly bright blue – and I’ve chosen two pieces from my wardrobe in the same shades.

If you want a bolder look, don’t be afraid to accessorize a basic outfit like this even further, by adding a few golden bangles or pair of earrings (to echo the gold band in the shoe down below). After all, color-blocking is all about bringing some brightness out onto the street. Fearless fashion is the perfect antidote to winter, so let’s have some technicolor fun!

Do you have a color-blocked outfit you rock in the grey days of winter? Tell us over on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted and keep rocking your style, fellow Goodwill hunters!

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