Goodwill Gems: the Wanderlustin’ Sunshine Hat

Have you been hit with spring break fever? After the foot of snow (or more!) in our region this month, it’s no surprise if you’re daydreaming of rest and relaxation in a warmer clime. Our correspondent Lauren sure is. Her vacation fantasies have led her right to her local Goodwill for this week’s Goodwill Gem: the Wanderlustin’ Sunshine Hat.


This natural brown straw stunner will keep you looking sensational and (almost) sweat-free, no matter how warm and tropical your winter vacay destination.

If you’ve been hunting online for cheap cruise deals and flights to the Caribbean, you’ll need the appropriate attire to sport during your mid-winter vacation. And, it turns out, your local Goodwill is the perfect place to go right now for all the summery accessories you need to complement that resort-minded wardrobe.

This week, I came across a fantastically big floppy hat that would make any girl feel gorgeous and keep cool on a hot sunny day, while making her look old-school glamorous at the same time. The classic woven straw material and loose, floppy brim will keep you looking polished and put together, no matter how hot it gets on that white Caribbean beach.

Now, you’ve got the hat, you’ve got the destination – all you need is the perfect warm weather outfit. And something tells me, this’ll do just fine…:


What better ensemble to pair with a big, beautiful sun hat like this one your favorite bikini and a brightly colored wrap?

My vacation M.O. is “Let yourself feel free.” After all, freedom is what vacation is all about, right? So, if you’re going somewhere for beach, ocean, and sunshine, don’t pack a bunch of fancy gear and unnecessary stuff. Stick to the basics – your most flattering swimsuits, shorts, tanks, a one good cover up, and one pair of sandals to take you from beach to dinner and back again.

Here, I’ve picked a bright, coral patterned swimsuit and a lightweight cover up, which is easy to tie up in a multitude of functional ways. Along with my gorgeous new floppy straw hat, those go-everywhere sandals, and a pair of sexy sunglasses, I’ve got just about everything I need to get me through a few relaxing days of waves, sand, and sun.

Will you be bringing a Goodwill Gem on your next vacation? Tell us over on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted and keep rocking your style, fellow Goodwill hunters!

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