Goodwill Gems: Flannel High Heels

How fierce is your flannel? Our correspondent Lauren has been on the look-out for winter wonders at her local Goodwill – so it’s no wonder that she stumbled on this seriously sassy pair of Rocket Dog heels. There’s nothing grunge about this week’s Goodwill Gem: Flannel High Heels.


Toeing the line between schoolgirl and sass queen, these flannel-full pumps pack a wallop of fun, from their feminine round toe to their retro black heel. Heels this hot will warm up any winter!

Flannel is a cold-weather fabric staple, but it often gets relegated to the pajama drawer or reserved for weekend wear. But with a darling find like this sweet pair of shoes (found last week at one of my favorite local Goodwill stores) you can have your flannel and wear it, too, all in the name of flirty, fashion-forward fun. The high heel on this pair makes these flannel shoes look a lot more feminine, and even a little more professional, making them the perfect, slightly whimsical touch to a whole range of different outfits.

Quirky and colorful saves the day. Heels like this are a truly original piece to add to your wardrobe. They’re not the kind of shoe you can pair with everything you own, but these unique pieces of footwear can certainly spice up some of your tired, everyday looks.

If you’re the type of girl who ends up constantly putting on the same “uniform” to schlep to the office (I count myself in this group, more often than not), purchasing a fun pair of shoes like these is one easy, money-smart way to wake up your wardrobe and pull yourself out of all-to-predictable fashion routine. Without having to purchase a ton of expensive new clothes, you can add some flair and fabulous detail to an already comfortable look by simply swapping your footwear, as I’ve done here.

My day-to-day uniform often consists of a pair of skinny jeans or other fitted pants in a neutral color, a soft, cozy top or flowing blouse, and a structured blazer to pull everything together. While the shape certainly works for me, putting on the same few pieces every day can definitely get boring, and throwing a little pattern into the mix is a bold (but not too outrageous) way to stir things up and make your ordinary pieces feel much more playful. Take a look at my go-to attire:

These sweet plaid shoes are an adorable addition to everything from skinny jeans and a beloved blouse to a navy pencil skirt and classic button-up for the office.

These sweet plaid shoes are an adorable addition to everything from skinny jeans and a beloved blouse to a navy pencil skirt and classic button-up for the office.

With red hot plaid heels, though, this everyday look jumps ten notches in style. It’s an easy formula to follow: pick a top that’s sold and a shoe that’s wild, and, voila, you’re good to go (and turn quite a few heads along the way)!

How do you tailor your go-to style to keep things interesting from day to day? Come share your favorite thrift fashion tips on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted and keep style going strong in 2013!

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