Goodwill Gem: The 2013 Sparkle

Happy New Year! We’re excited for a 2013 full of looking, feeling and doing good. After all, it’s back to work, but it doesn’t have to be back to bland. Keep the celebration going with fun finds that fund vital human services for your community! Our correspondent Lauren jumped right in – she’s already scoured her local store and named the first Goodwill Gem of 2013: The 2013 Sparkle.

Simple yet stylish, these bracelets are ideal for dressing up the ordinary and the extraordinary well into the New Year.

There’s nothing more festive than a bit of sparkle! Whatever holidays you’ve  celebrated these past weeks, New Year’s is a time to jump on into the future. Everything good that happened last year (and everything good to come in this one) should be celebrated, and whatever you do or wherever you go, a bit of glitz and shine is always a good idea.

Don’t you dare forget, after all: glitz isn’t just for New Year’s. A fabulous find, like stacks of silver rhinestone-embellished bracelets from Goodwill, can be worn to add fun to your everyday life, no matter where it takes you in the coming year.

The key, you see, is mixing it up. Simple silver bangles add a base to this stack of different bracelets, but the focal point is definitely the front piece – a substantial (yet still elegant) item, with various shades of silver and gray traveling across it in the form of large, geometric cutouts. The stark black lines around the silver sections give this accessory an almost Art Deco-era feel to it, making it all the more appropriate for any over-the-top celebration you might be attending.

Now – how to wear a piece like this? Well, it’s simple! In fact, you can can add a bit of jazz-age style and glam to nearly any outfit, whether you’re heading out to a party or just to the office on a regular old Thursday.

But if it’s a real eye-catching look you’re after (after all, Valentine’s Day isn’t all that far away…), start by putting on a fantastic stack of bracelets like this and then add a darling, but not too demure cocktail dress, like the one I have on here. The bulk and glam of the bracelets rough up the look, showing your spark despite the pretty frock.

A set of silver stackers adds a rock star touch to this pretty little look.

In my pick above, the lacy neckline feels fancy and elegant but not overly revealing, and these bracelets add another layer of interest to this already beguiling look. If you’re not feeling like getting too dressed up, try it with a classic pair of skinny black pants, silky blouse in your favorite print, classic cardi and knee-high leather boots. You’ll still look chic and set for adventure. 2013 better get ready for you!

What fun party picks are you bringing right on into the New Year? Come share your pics on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted and Happy New Year!

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