The Paramus Store Wins Goodwill’s 2nd Annual Halloween Window Contest!

Congratulations to the staff of the Paramus Goodwill in New Jersey for a great job decorating the store’s windows – with 653 votes, the fans, followers, shoppers and donators have spoken!


Thank you to all our customers and friends for taking the time to check our stores’ windows in person, on Facebook, or A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj and vote.

We apologize for taking long to disclose the results. Our whole retail staff has spend the last month offering relief to those residents in our communities affected by hurricane Sandy. On that front we are making strives. In the first month, we have provided over $83,000 in merchandise to almost 1,700 individuals or about 425 families of 4 affected by Sandy.

Thank you to other  store managers and their staff who also placed lots of work to decorate their windows. To see the top four Honorable Mentions, come visit the full post at Where the Goodwill Goes.

Thank you all for your support!



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