Goodwill Gems: The Warm Wool Tuckaway Tote

What’s good this winter? According to our correspondent Lauren, the answer is anything cozy – especially accessories, especially from her local Goodwill. Last week, a lush grey scarf caught her eye; this week, it’s all about the handbag. Take a look and enjoy the continuation of cozy with this week’s Goodwill Gem: The Warm Wool Tuckaway Tote.


A medium-sized bag in classic black is made more fun and casual (not to mention cozy) when made out of great-to-touch materials.

Who says your accessories can’t be as comfy as your clothes? We’ve established that sweater weather is definitely upon us – as is fleece weather, legwarmer weather, earmuff weather, etc. It is really starting to feel like winter here in the Greater New York and Northern New Jersey area, which means everyone is layering up in the softest, warmest, comfiest pieces they can find.

This week’s pick – a supersoft bag that’s as cozy as your favorite pair of sweatpants – will surely become a go-to purse during these early winter months with chill-you-to-the-bone winds. The strap and top of the bag are still constructed out of the more traditional leather, keeping this find from looking too slouchy or messy, but the lower portion of this tote is made out of relaxed, soft woolen material guaranteed to make you smile through the coldest of winter weekends.

A bag like this will become a winter weather staple. Since this purse comes in a traditional black that you can pair easily with any other color, you really can wear it nearly everywhere during the cold months – everywhere and anywhere informal, that is.


The strong lines of a purse sharpen this look while the soft wooly materials keep it all hot cocoa-friendly. Winter perfection!

It’s clearly a casual accessory, but whether you put it on over jeans and a sweater, leggings and your most grandpa-like cardigan, or whatever other laid-back wardrobe items you happen to love, the strong lines of a structured bag bring your ensembles together and keep them from looking sloppy. To make those more basic pieces shine, you can always wear them with polished knee-high boots or a brightly colored top and denim bottoms for a real pop.

Are you all about cozy this holiday season, too? Come share your best cozy finds on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. Keep in mind, too, that GoodwillNyNj’s $50 shopping credits for those affected by the storm ($50 for each family member) are still good for any item you might need at any Goodwill store in the region. Take care, stay warm, and keep the goodwill going strong, all!

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