Leftover Goodwill? Come Volunteer!

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! While the holiday may be over, the goodwill behind it is going strong. Many of our staff have jumped in to help out with Sandy Relief efforts this past month, pitching in with boots on the ground to help rebuild our communities.

After all, rebuilding communities is at the core of what Goodwill is about. Our programs (funded by the sales in our stores) aim to help people affected by disability, disease or disaster get back into the economic mainstream.

Whether it be a combat injury, a disability from birth, or a natural disaster that makes financial stability tough, we are here to help. In fact, just last month Bronx Back to Work (BTW) staff volunteered at an Occupy Sandy Relief distribution center unloading a truck full of donations for Sandy Victims.

That same week, the Queens Back to Work staff also pitched in at Occupy Sandy’s base at the Saint Jacobi Lutheran Church in Brooklyn. For the full story, more photos, and information on how you can jump in and get involved, please visit “Keep the Goodwill Going: Hurricane Sandy Relief” on our our programs/services blog Where the Goodwill Goes.