Goodwill Gems: The Oh So Cozy Scarf

When it gets cold, get cozy! It’s getting chillier outside, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. If you’ve lost property to Sandy and could use some good ol’-fashioned warm and cozy care, don’t forgetto take advantage of our $50 shopping credits for those affected by the storm ($50 for each family member) good for any item you might need at any Goodwill store in the region. Even if you haven’t lost a thing to Sandy, you’ll want to start bundling up this holiday week. Our Lauren had just that in mind, which led her to this week’s Goodwill Gem: the Oh So Cozy Scarf.

Don’t settle for wearing sweaters only on top. Sweater-like knits can be found in all sorts of pieces, including much-needed winter accessories like this classic cable knit scarf.

It’s November, which means it’s time to pack on the layers, and this soft gray scarf is the perfect accessory to keep you warm and toasty even on the chilliest on days. When the wind is whipping, a warm and woolly scarf like this one – which really feels just like your favorite old worn-in sweater, not at all itchy or irritating – will keep ensure you’ve covered nearly every speck of skin and keep out that icy breeze. Best of all, the lovely gray color and traditional cable knit pattern will never go out of style, so you can enjoy wearing this item for many winters to come.

A scarf like this one – in a neutral, solid hue and wear-everywhere knit – can be put on over nearly any coat, whether it’s a huge downy monstrosity or a demure double-breasted wool. I, however, think it looks just adorable with a cropped wool jacket like the one I’m sporting here, in cute plaid pattern in a range of grays.

A knit scarf adds warmth, softness and seasonal coziness to any outfit. It’s like the hug of accessories, don’t you think?

This late-Fall coat isn’t too thick and hot (like the knee-length Winter number I’ll surely be loving in a month or two), so it’s perfect for these chilly-but-not-yet-freezing late fall days, and the sporty cut is a nice contrast to the classic, polished style this scarf exudes.

A must-have accessory like a knit neutral gray scarf goes well with almost any outerwear you might have in your closet – and if all that gray seems too dull an dreary for you, this neutral piece would look just as lovely with pea coat in a super-bright hue, like a vivid green, yellow, or cobalt blue.

I’d love to hear if you have something cute to keep you cozy this holiday season. Come post on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. Take care, stay warm, and keep the goodwill going strong, all!

3 thoughts on “Goodwill Gems: The Oh So Cozy Scarf

  1. hilarymarshak says:

    I enjoy shopping at Goodwill 8th St. NYC – but I always forget to use my card until after I am rung up, and the clerk says it is too late to add points. I am never asked in advance. if I am a member. Other stores in the Goodwill network do so as a matter of course. Could they start doing it there? Thanks!


    • goodwillnynj says:

      Hi Hilary – First off, thank you for shopping at Goodwill! Your support keeps our programs and services going strong. We appreciate this feedback. We’re not sure why the Boutique hasn’t jumped on board in asking about the card. We will remind the store managers there to prompt the customers. We’re grateful to have you as a supporter. Thank you again for the comment and have a great Thanksgiving week!


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