Goodwill Gems: the Super Sunny Fit-All Tote

It’s about time for a dose of sunshine. In the grays of winter, and in the weeks following the storm, it’s important we keep our spirits up. While it won’t save the world, a big burst of cheerful color certainly can’t hurt.

Our Lauren hit the Goodwill circuit with one thought in mind: SUN. She certainly found her ray of light – and so can you. Don’t forget we’re still offering $50 shopping credits to those affected by the storm ($50 for each family member) good for any item, including durable, sturdy, useful finds like this week’s Goodwill Gem: the Super Sunny Fit-All Tote.

Take the mope out of winter and inject bright, fun energy with a colorful bag, like this slouchy yellow purse, found at my local Goodwill store.

Oh Winter. All blacks and whites and browns and grays. Practical, to be sure, but all that neutral winter wear gets boring. Here on the East coast, it’s only just beginning. We won’t see springtime temps and sunshine until March – and that’s a long, long time to be, meh, neutral.


We can take a cue from this year’s summer trend – brights, brights, brights! – and liven up those classic, practical winter staples with a few vivid spots of color!

This lively yellow bag is the perfect carryall to get you through the chilly fall and winter months. Its satchel-style inside has plenty of room for an extra pair of flats, moisturizer, gloves, and all your other cold weather essentials, and its brilliant sunshine-yellow color will boost your mood, too!

To make that bright-on-bright theme work for winter, I’ve put this vivid yellow bag with an equally bright skirt in a lovely purple hue, but kept the rest of the outfit toned down, with black boots and tights, a black tank, and black-and-white cardigan.

Balance your brights to create a polished and professional (but still fun) look for the cold weather season.

Choosing a sweater in a black-and-white print (rather than just one solid neutral) keeps the top half of the ensemble interesting, but ensures that it still looks adult and pulled together – be wary of pairing a bright top with bright bottoms AND and equally colorful bag, as it could make you appear more childish than chic.

There are days when we’ll be in jeans and boots, helping our neighbor out of the sand and debris – but it’s also important we all, especially those affected by the storm, take the time to enjoy, too.

I’d love to hear if you have something colorful to boost your spirits when you’re feeling low. Come post on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. Take care, stay warm, and keep the goodwill going strong, all!

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