Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts: GoodwillNyNj, WPLJ & Modell’s

Whether you were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy or you are looking for ways to help those who were, GoodwillNyNj is here for you & our community.

For those looking to help:

  • WARM CLOTHING DISTRIBUTION: GoodwillNyNj will be working with WPLJ and Modell’s Sporting Goods Stores to collect and distribute much needed clothing throughout the greater New York area in 90 locations. For more information on donation drop points, please click HERE.
  • BLOOD DRIVES: To assist the American Red Cross, blood drives will be held at Goodwill’s Astoria and Harrison headquarters. For more details, email us at
  • ADDITIONAL DONATIONS FOR THOSE IN NEED: Goodwill will accept donations of clothing and household goods intended for storm victims at any of our stores or DonationXpress centers. Locate the nearest Goodwill store at These donations will not be kept separately, but processed with all of our other donations and donors will be given tax receipts upon request.

For those affected by the storm:

  • FREE GOODWILL CLOTHING/HOUSEHOLD GOODS: Our stores will provide free clothing or household goods for victims of Hurricane Sandy who lost property due to flooding. Storm victims who need to replace what they lost may “shop” throughout the store for $50 worth of clothing (per family member) and household goods. provided free. The value of the items provided can go up to $50 for each family member (present or not). All sales are final, with no returns permitted. For details and more information, visit

If your business, community organization or school is looking to help, we are happy to work with you to coordinate a large group donation. For large donations, provisions can be made for pickup. For more information and to arrange pickups please contact Martha Gotwals at

Together, we will rebuild our states, our neighborhoods and our lives. Be well, stay safe and thank you for all you do to keep the goodwill going strong.


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