Boo! It’s the GoodwillNyNj Halloween Costume Challenge

Still searching for costume inspiration? Look no further! We’ve enlisted three fantastic style bloggers plus a team of designers to come up with costume magic – all assembled for under $30 at a Greater New York / Northern New Jersey area Goodwill.

Last week, we reached out to a few of our all-time favorite NY/NJ fashionables, from David Leon Morgan to Stacey Kay to Jamillah and the crew of amazing women aligned with Damsels in Design (including Damsels in Design Founder Jennifer Markas, ClosetDash Founder Jennifer Lee, Nona E. Rose Accessories Founder Rachel Sax and E. Kammeyer Accessories Founder Emily Kanmeyer).

Take a look at what these great creatives came up with and be sure to click the hyperlinks for full posts on each of the costume ideas and how-to’s by the bloggers and designers involved.

First up… @DavidLeonMorgan‘s David as BUNNY:

“A recent trip to Goodwill inspired this DIY bunny ear headpiece. I love it so much. Really, I do… The headband and wire base for my bunny ears were purchased from Goodwill. I used paper and yarn that I already owned to add the finishing touches. Aren’t they adorable?!”


“This headpiece was pretty easy to create. I found a few shimmery wire stems that served as a great base, then wrapped the wire stem of the fake flowers around them and each other until I had a size that fit my head…”

Next up, @Made2Travel‘s Jamillah as THE ROY LICHTENSTEIN GIRL:

“I’ve had a crush on this Lichtenstein girl costume for YEARS… So I chose the red pencil skirt and the white men’s dress shirt from my potential costume picks, added a thought bubble made from paper, pipe cleaners, and a headband, donned a pair of heels to finally make the costume I dreamed of.”

Plus @Goodwill_Huntng‘s Stacey Kay Thompson as TOTALLY 80’s BARBIE/HARAJAKU GIRL/ELLE WOODS/ADELE/…:

“I decided I could make it a little more costume-y with these bright pink 80’s pumps and bright pink bag. I added in the fake pink hair for extra effect. (I had to stay true to my fashion roots!) At first I was sure it was a 1980’s Barbie look, but then a friend suggested it looked like a Harajaku girl.”

Finally, the Damsels in Design team with @DamselsinDesign‘s Jennifer Markas as PEGGY BUNDY from Married with Children, @nonaerose‘s Rachel Sax as JESS from New Girl, @ClosetDash‘s Jennifer Lee as BUMBLE BEE and E. Kammeyeras‘ Emily Kanmeyer as MINNIE MOUSE:

“Our mission was to come up with creative Halloween costumes under $30 in order to spread the word on what a great resource Goodwill is to pick-up an affordable, last-minute costume…”

We’ll be showing off videos and more photos on these costumes throughout the week, so stay tuned, Goodwill fans. And be sure to chime in and share your own Goodwill Halloween Costume Challenge Creations – as long as it costs less than $30 and comes from Goodwill, you qualify. We can’t wait to see what you come up with, either here in the comments, on Facebook, at Twitter or ringing our doorbell on Halloween!


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