GoodwillNyNj’s 2nd Annual Halloween Window Contest!

The time has come for GoodwillNyNj’s 2nd Annual Halloween Window Contest! You may have noticed a few extra ghosts and ghouls in your local Goodwill lately. Since the start of the month, our stores have been honing their Halloween spirit and now, starting today, October 17th, you get to weigh in and let them know what you think.

We’re hoping you’ll join us in celebrating fun for all this Halloween and vote in this years Goodwill Halloween Window Contest. The winning store will get a heap of holiday rewards – you’ll see they’ve worked hard to impress you.

To vote, please visit our Facebook album at and click LIKE underneath the image of your choice.

The link to the online survey (for voters with internet but without Facebook) is:, though the survey does not include images. We ask you only vote once, but please feel free to tell others to vote – the more the merrier!

We hope you vote and help show our staff and the many we serve that creativity and good work never go out of style, no matter the holiday, and neither does goodwill.

Happy Halloween!

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