Goodwill Gems: Cute-to-Costume Transformation Flair.

BOO! That’s the sound Halloween sneaking up on you. Scared yet? Relax – you’ve got plenty of time to plan your costume. And with our many locations and special Halloween sections, you’ll be set in no time. Our Lauren ghosted into her local Goodwill with an eye out for the perfect disguise. Of course, she found one in no time – this week’s Goodwill Gem: Cute-to-Costume Transformation Flair.

An accessory like this bright blue feather boa is practically a costume on its own – all you need now is little creative thinking (add a beak & some yellow and you’re Big Bird with the blues…). Have fun!

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. Do your scary, eerie or just plain outrageous ensemble planned yet? If you’re looking for a way to transform your day-to-day wardrobe into the perfect costume with just a few minor (and minimally priced) touches, your local Goodwill is the perfect place to go.

What I found this week – a fabulous feather boa in a vivid blue color – is an accessory it’s hard to wear at any time other than Halloween. But this eye-catching item is the perfect way to instantly turn what seems like an everyday dress or other piece of clothing into a costume.

A fun Cute-to-Costume Transformation piece like this adds instant drama to anything in your wardrobe, and by throwing it on over just about anything you own, you can become any number of things this Halloween.

Now, you could go smoky lounge singer pulled from the deep or Big Bird with the blues, but either way, this boa’s in. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Don’t get suckered into buying an expensive, pre-packaged costume this year. Get creative, and go to your local Goodwill to put together a fabulous costume on the cheap!

This brilliantly sparkling dress (another thrift store find, I might add) is another dramatic piece that goes fabulously with my find this week. In this shimmering number, with the blue boa layered on top, I could make myself over into nearly anything a girl can dream up, from a fortune-telling gypsy to a zombie prom queen.

With the right shoes and an extra prop or two, like a deck of tarot cards, a “crystal” ball, or a little girl’s toy tiara, I’ve got an amazing Halloween costume to wear this year, while hardly dropping any cash – or generating any trash – for it at all.

What will you be this Halloween (besides, eco-aware, cash-wise, community-supporting and awesomely original, of course)? Tell us (or better yet, share a link & show us) in the comments below or post a photo of your thrift look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted!


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