Goodwill Gems: The Between-Season Nude-Hued Wrap-It-All-Up Shoe

Summautumn: the season between Summer and Fall. There’s gorgeous weather, great gatherings (everyone’s back from summer vacation, but not yet in it’s-cold-out lock-down), and a fantastic playground for those in-between seasons pieces. Our Lauren set off to her local Goodwill to find a little wardrobe magic made for Summautumn, and look how well she did! We’re smitten with this week’s Goodwill Gem: The Between-Season Nude-Hued Wrap-It-All-Up Shoe.

A more full-coverage shoe than the typical sandal, these chic leather wedges are the perfect complement to any early autumn attire.

Layer, layer, layer. It’s the advice touted far and wide as soon as fall weather rolls around, and for good reason – with lots of still-sunny days, but cooler temps and sometimes unpredictable showers and autumn breezes, it pays to be prepared for all kinds of weather at this time of year. But even if you’ve got the clothing part down, do you know what to do about your footwear?

With the sun still shining and long months of tights weather ahead, it’s hard to pack up those sandals and peep-toes, but there comes a time when you have to admit that delicate sandals don’t keep footsies warm anymore.

This week’s find – an awesomely tall, open-toed shoe in rich leather – is the perfect solution to your fall footwear dilemma. The sleek, curved wooden wedge gives you some height and a bit of sophistication, and makes these heels easy to wear with dressier looks. But the simply gathered, soft leather upper looks relaxed and comfy enough to partner with more casual outfits – and it will let you show off those toes a little longer, while keeping the rest of your foot pretty much covered.

Despite its height and eye-catching style, the soft taupe color of this shoe’s leather upper and the rich, natural-looking dark wood wedge bottom make it easy to pair with all sorts of outfits – even one with (gasp!) socks or kneesocks for a truly nubby, new-season look. As is, you could easily use these wedges to add an elegant touch to sleek, light sweater dress or effortlessly chic wide-leg trousers. But here, I’ve used them to top off a more laid-back, everyday ensemble.

These classy wedges will look sexy on, but will easily set off nearly any look in your fall wardrobe, from the semi-formal to outfits composed of your favorite casual weekend pieces.

The soft grays and blues look beautiful with the muted taupe and deep brown of the shoes, and the height of the wedge adds a bit of oomph to this otherwise informal outfit. With a fuzzy gray cardi on top, you’re looking sharp and set for almost anything the early autumn season can throw at you.

What’s keeping your tootsies warm this Summautumn? Tell us (or better yet, share a link & show us) in the comments below – or post a photo of your thrift look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted!


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