Goodwill Gems: Rainy Day Blues

Grey skies are no reason to mope – instead, they’re a great excuse to bring big color into your outfit and onto the street! Knowing rain was on its way, our correspondent Lauren went looking in her local Goodwill for a high-vibrancy find to bring the best of summer skies’ into her landscape, regardless of what Mother Nature has planned for the day. Take a look at what she found, this week’s Goodwill Gem: Rainy Day Blues.

One of the hottest shades of the summer, this blue hue pairs brilliantly with everything from black to tan, not to mention next season’s oranges and reds.

Rainy out? So what! Put the sky at your heels with a pop of a bright, summertime shade, like the vivid cerulean blue of this adorable patent, peep-toed shoe. The intense blue color will remind you of summer skies, even when the sky above is starting to look a little cloudy and gray.

When looking for your own Summer-trend cerulean shoe, follow the shine. After all, shiny patent leather material will add even more oomph to any outfit you choose to pair them with and a little resilience should the weather really act up. Also keep an eye out for flats like these – then you can flash them all day long into night without forcing your poor feet to cry out for mercy.

Now, how to wear a hue this true? You can certainly be brave and take on the bright-on-bright trend that’s been so hot all summer long – try it by using these fantastic flats to finish an outfit of a clean white tee or blouse and an eye-catching pair of skinny jeans in coral or sunshine yellow.

But if you want to use a bright shoe like this one to complement more subdued autumnal pieces, try using them to top off an ensemble made up of classic neutrals or go-to prints, like the thick gray-and-cream stripe I’ve chosen here.

You can’t go wrong with classic pieces and a bright accessory – the perfect way to transition a stunning summer trend into the fall season.

If that doesn’t suit you, cropped black tailored trousers are also classic, but still somewhat summery, and so perfect with the still-warm weather and also short enough to really show off these fabulous peep-toes. A fitted tan blazer gives the outfit a little more shape and a more polished look, while also warding off the fall’s evening chill.

Do you have a pair of Rainy Day Blues, brilliant blue shoes perfect for when skies turn to grey? Tell us (or better yet, share a link & show us) in the comments below – or post a photo of your thrift look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted!


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