Goodwill Gems: End-of-Summer Ombre Shades

August already? Wowzers! While it’s sad to see a season end, it’s fantastic to notice those End of Season Sale signs pop up in your favorite stores. Goodwill’s in on it, with 25% off on Summer Apparel now through Thursday, August 9th. Our correspondent Lauren took inspiration from the seasonal sale at her local Goodwill finding this week’s sun-soaked Goodwill Gem: End-of-Summer Ombre Shades.

These shades will add an instant edge of glam city style to every ensemble in your summer wardrobe.

The perfect thing to stock up on right now? Summery accessories. Sure, the season is halfway over, but we’re not done with summer yet! There are still a few more weeks of hot, humid, sunny days ahead of us. And since now is the time that many people begin their back-to-school shopping and planning, lots of retailers (and regular shoppers like you and me) and clearing out space for fall items, meaning loads of summer accessories are making their way to thrifts like your local Goodwill, and selling stellar pieces for next to nothing!

A pair of killer sunglasses, for example (or two, or eight), are a summer accessory every lady needs in her wardrobe. The right pair of shades can instantly take a look from ho-hum to Hollywood glam in hot city minute. These fab sunglasses have those over-sized, paparazzi-fleeing frames that give you that instant glam factor and create a little air of mystery about you. The slight purplish tinge to the lenses and the blue-to-gray fade of the frames are a cool color combo that’s just right for hot summer days, and will make you look just a little cooler in everything from your favorite jeans to your bikini while you celebrate the last few weeks of the season.

You can obviously use these fabulous shades to top off your chicest, fanciest warm-weather look, but they look just as swell with your most comfy, casual outfit, and add a kind of aloof elegance to your most lived-in items – in fact, that seems to be the go-to look for every young star trying to shield herself from the paparazzi, so really, what could be cooler?

You can add fabulous shades to absolutely any outfit – talk about a summer steal turned into year-round style!

Pull off your own incognito celeb look by using them to finish a cozy ensemble, like the one I’ve put together here. A pair of brightly colored, skinny, stretchy denim slacks is a stylish base for any casual outfit this season, and topped with a soft, over-sized, boyfriend-style tee and my new pair of big, movie star-style shades, this comfortable look is ready for the streets, any day of the week.

What summer staple are you hopping to snap up for less this August? Tell us (or better yet, share a link & show us) in the comments below – or post a photo of your thrift look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style. Keep us posted!


2 thoughts on “Goodwill Gems: End-of-Summer Ombre Shades

  1. I have to hit the $2 Tuesday sales, but last week I picked up back to school shirts for my son and was chosen as “Facebook Fan of the Month” by GoodwillDE. Check out my posts for Monday and today if you get a chance (


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