2 Window Sales & One Do-Not-Miss DIY Event: The Goodwill Weekend Update

This weekend we’re putting on a show – a DIY celebration with giveaway buttons, free craft materials and a not-to-be-missed upcycle tutorial by Craft Foxes & Etsy community member and stand-out style blogger David Leon Morgan! Be sure to stop by for a Saturday afternoon you and your wardrobe will never forget. Here are the details:

Upcycle Your Favorite Tee with David Leon Morgan

Saturday, August 4th


Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique

44 West 8th Street, NY, NY

To register for the event, call (212) 477-7024 or e-mail coco.ogilvie@goodwillnynj.org

Along with the awesome event, we have two window sales and a slew of August weekday special on the horizon. Take a look:


  • The Goodwill 23rd Street Goodwill Store Window Sale:The sale begins at 9 a.m. and is first come, first serve. Each customer is given a ticket in the order they enter the store. They may pick two window items to buy. When the purchase is made, they may rejoin the line to make another selection. You’ll find the 23rd Street Goodwill Store at 220 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010 (phone 212-447-7270).


  • The Goodwill Stuyvesant Store Window Sale: Purchases are first come, first serve. Tickets are given out just before the doors open at 9:30 a.m. Two people are allowed in at a time to purchase two items each. Out of consideration for other customers, we ask that they make their selection as quickly as possible and not ask to examine each window item. When their transactions are complete, they may go to the back of the line if they want more window merchandise. The store opens for everyone at 10 a.m., but the window sale line continues inside until the sale is over. You’ll find the Stuyvesant Goodwill Store at 1704 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10128 (phone 212-831-1830).

As August continues, so do the sales! Treat yourself to spectacular summer savings at Goodwill this August. Enjoy 25% off on Summer Apparel on Monday, August 6th through Thursday, August 9th, then save the date for 25% off Summer Wares the next Monday, Agugst 13th through that Thursday, August 16th. Finally, round up the kids and head to Goodwill for the end of the month’s Back to School Clothing & Supplies starting Monday, August 20th through Sunday, August 26th.

Enjoy the month, Goodwill fans, and we hope to see you and your DIY best at the Saturday event!


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