Upcycling with Goodwill!

Lucky us – our guest columnist David Morgan is back with a fantastic post on upcycling! Whether you’re an Etsy shop owner or a total craft novice, this post is for you. Enjoy!:

David shows off his newest upcycle triumph: the belt-to-bracelet wrist cuff!

The great thing about shopping at Goodwill is that the low costs of each item offers you a chance to experiment with them. Adding a bit of creativity to a thrifted piece is a low-risk investment that can have high-impact results. I love doing this, and recently created two tutorials on my blog that showed super-easy ways to upcycle thrifted pieces.

One idea is to turn an old leather belt into a unique bracelet. Simply snip the buckle off and wrap it around your wrist. It’s that easy!

Another idea is to add a cool design on a thrifted shirt using fabric paint and a pencil eraser. You can do any design you want, and the results are really cool. This also makes a really fun family craft project with kids.

For added inspiration, poke holes in a t-shirt for a breezy, chic summer look. Check out one of my past Goodwill posts for more information.

What are some other ways to upcycle a Goodwill find? Let us know in the comments below!


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