4 Sales for Flag Fans, Fathers & Deal-Finders Alike!

Flag Sale, Window Sale, Fathers’ Day Sale, oh my! We hope you’ve got your schedule free for some amazing Goodwill hunting. Take a look:


The All-Store Red White and Blue Flag Sale: Goodwill celebrates our country and our customers next Thursday, June 14, with a storewide Flag Day sale. All red, white and blue clothing will be 25% off.


The Livingston Goodwill Window Sale: The sale begins at 9 a.m. and is first come, first serve. Each customer is given a ticket in the order they enter the store. They may pick two window items to buy. When the purchase is made, they may rejoin the line to make another selection. You’ll find the Goodwill Livingston Street Store at 258 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (phone 718-923-9037).


The Village Boutique Goodwill Store: The sale begins at 9 a.m. and is first come, first serve. Each customer is given a ticket in the order they arrive starting at 8:50. Two customers come in at a time, and may choose two items each to purchase. If they want more, they must go to the back of the line and get another ticket. The doors open for everyone after all of the window sale customers are done, usually 10-10:15. You’ll find the Goodwill Greenwich Village Store at 44 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011 (phone 212-477-7024).


The All-Store Father’s Day Sale: Pick up a last-minute present for dad or indulge yourself at Goodwill’s storewide Father’s Day sale. Set for Sunday, June 17, the sale features 25% off men’s accessories and books, CDs, DVDs and other media.

To find your nearest Goodwill, visit http://www.goodwillnynj.org/findgoodwill.aspx. And if you haven’t donated to Goodwill recently, now would be a great time. The more donations we get, the more for everyone to buy, and the more funding for our programs and services to keep changing lives.

Hope to see you there! Happy Goodwill Hunting, all!


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