Goodwill Gems: Summertime Show-Stoppin’ Heels

Summer is (nearly) here. And that means it’s time to bring out your sassiest skirts, shorts and sundresses – and heels! Our Lauren hits her local Goodwill for this week’s Goodwill Gem: Summertime Show-Stoppin’ Heels.

These skyscraper-high heels in a bright violet color might seem difficult to pull off, but they’re actually just the opposite – pair these with nearly anything in your summer wardrobe to create a winning look!

This summer is all about dazzlingly bright colors that add a youthful, playful feeling to your wardrobe. And a bright pair of shoes, like this week’s find – this fantastic pair of eye-poppingly vivid high, high heels – is just the way to add some of that playful, flirtatious attitude to your favorite going out look.

The platform keeps the spectacularly high heel from being too uncomfortable or difficult to move in, and the soft suede fabric adds a bit of texture to a linen/silk/cotton outfit, without fighting with their brilliant color. That gorgeous indigo-violet hue is so in this season, and also happens to be flattering against nearly any skin tone or other fabric color – wear these with anything from a blush pink chiffon skirt to flame-bright orange trousers, and you’re guaranteed to look fabulous.

So, how to wear ’em?

You don’t need complicated or fancy pieces to create a dramatic night out look. Simple items in just the right shade for the season are all it takes to make to a statement.

Be brave. Sundresses are sweet and flowing skirts look lovely and ladylike at any time of day – they’re the pretty, comfortable, wear-anywhere summer staples that every girl should have plenty of in her closet.

But to really create an edgier vibe with a summertime look, a girl’s got to go with a pair of tailored shorts. A stunning, attention-grabbing pair of heels like this one will make your legs look beyond amazing, and by topping them off with a pair of polished, figure-flattering shorts, you’re sure to make an entrance, no matter where you’re going.

Here, I’ve topped my new find with a pair of simple, cleanly tailored, and form-fitting pair of shorts in soft gray cotton. Since the shorts are, well, short, and also body-hugging, I’ve put a looser, more flowing piece on top to balance the outfit. The drapey, jersey tee is in the same vibrant purple-blue hue as the heels, so with the neutral shorts in between, the ensemble feels pulled together and perfectly balanced.

A no-fuss updo and small, delicate pair of earrings are all you need to complete a look like this – any more accessories would draw attention away from the gorgeous footwear and feel a tad overloaded.

Do you have a serious fierce pair of summer shoes? How do you style them? Come share! Write about your fashion fun in the comments here, post a photo of a fav look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted!

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