Did you know you can shop GoodwillNyNj online? It’s true! For high-value items like vintage cameras and first edition books, the place to be – just act quick! Most of these items are on a very quick turn-around.

One example of a great deal hours away from closing: this Carlo Robelli Electric Bass, available for bidding through tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5th at 12:35pm.

Calling all handy guitarists: this Carlo Robelli Electric Bass is up for auction online with the proceeds to benefit your local Goodwill.

Right now, this gorgeous guitar is in need on a little repair work, but for $29.99, this might be the deal you’ve been waiting for. In short the part of the nut that holds in the E string has been worn down, but the A, D and G string all work fine. A new output component is needed and the wiring needs to be re-soldered.

Looking to take the challenge, do the repair work and walk away with a killer good deal? Then click and bid right here ASAP. Good luck, you savvy ShopGoodwill rockstars you! For more great deals (the vast majority in great shape without any need for repair), visit!


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