The Return of David Morgan & the 90s

It’s been quite a while since David Morgan of DavidLeonMorgan has posted for us, but we’re delighted to report he’s back and better than ever – just like the 1990s, style fans. Take a look and see this fashionable thrift fan’s take on the rise of pseudo-retro 90s chic:

What’s new in fashion? A few decades past. David Morgan takes on 90s style in this week’s A Good Look for Men.

I’m having a major Nineties moment, 1992-1995 to be exact. En Vogue, Bell Biv Devoe, D’Angelo and Bobby McFerrin have been blasting in my iPod lately, and earth tones, oversized shirts and colorful sweaters have been my wardrobe staples. I’ve even been telling my barber to cut my hair into a modern-day high-top fade. I just can’t seem to help myself.

For my latest thrift store excursion, I found a few more items to add to my collection, and to feed my Nineties addiction. A beautiful Burberry shirt caught my attention first, in a perfect extra large (my normal size is a medium). The stripes are eye-catching, while the softer, light cream stripes that contrast the blue ones gives it a warm, subdued feel. Perfect.

I combined it with a pair of thrifted blue, pleated and wide-legged pants. I’m really into accessories at the moment, so was tempted to go crazy with neckwear, but instead opted for just one, simple necklace. When wearing a printed shirt, simplicity is often the best policy. Vintage leather shoes and a vintage bag completes this Spring-ready look.

Subtle style choices, like buttoning the shirt all the way up to its collar and rolling up the sleeves, give this look a flair that fits my personal taste. Always adjust a thrifted piece to suit your individual fashion sense. That may mean getting it tailored, or adding a few rips and tears here and there — whatever it take to get the job done.

The outfit seems appropriate for an urban garden party, an idea that I find really funny. Instead, I tooks its inspiration on a bus to Washington, D.C., visiting my parents and jamming to En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind” along the way.

What kind of fashion moment are you having right now? Let us know on Facebook, via Twitter, or in the comments below!

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