Wedding Showcase, Mothers Day, Goodwill Week & Window Sales: Oh My!

We have all kinds of sales and celebrations on the horizon. Take a look, take your pick & help spread the Goodwill one smart shopping spree at a time!

Join Us on Goodwill Week for 25% Savings & Show Mama Some Love: May 7th – 13th. This year, Goodwill Industries Week is followed by Mother’s Day, so Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey decided to honor both with a week-long storewide sale. Starting Monday, May 7, each day features 25% off on a different sale item, culminating with 25% off on women’s accessories, handbags and jewelry Saturday-Sunday, May 12-13.

This Sunday, May 13th, we’re also hosting the 5-store Wedding Showcase Bridal Extravaganza! For more details about the sale and participating stores, visit To see photos of the stores themselves all decked out in their Big Day best, check out our special event Facebook album at

Also this weekend, we’re hosting 2 window sales, just in case you haven’t seen enough amazing Goodwill deals yet:


  • The Stuyvesant Goodwill Store: Goodwill’s next Stuyvesant window sale will be held this Saturday. Purchases are first come, first serve. Tickets are given out just before the doors open at 9:30 a.m. Two people are allowed in at a time to purchase two items each. When their transactions are complete, they may go to the back of the line if they want more. The store opens for everyone at 10 a.m., but the window sale line continues inside until the sale is over. You’ll find the Stuyvesant Goodwill Store at 1704 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10128 (phone 212-831-1830).
  • The Harlem Goodwill Store: Goodwill’s next 135th Street window sale will be held this Saturday. The sale starts at 9:30 a.m. and is first come, first serve. Each customer is given a number in the order they arrive. They may pick one window item to buy. When the purchase is made, they may rejoin the line to make another selection. You’ll find the Harlem Goodwill Store at 2196 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10037 (phone 212-862-0020).

Just in case you’re not in the know yet, a Goodwill Window Sale is when the best items in the store (which have been displayed in the window for days if not weeks) go on sale. There are often designer items and high-priced toys in the mix. We’ve seen everything from red lacquered Chinese lions to a Ferragamo heels to pristine electric guitars. Crowds form early, so try to get to the store well before doors open.

To find your nearest Goodwill, visit And if you haven’t donated to Goodwill recently, now would be a great time. The more donations we get, the more for everyone to buy, and the more funding for our programs and services to keep changing lives. Happy Wedding-Mothers-Goodwill-Window Sale Week, all!


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