The Blogger Swap Rack at the Goodwill Boutique

Today’s our all-store Spring Sale and it’s also the debut day for our Greenwich Village Boutique Blogger Swap Rack, up for a limited time only. Swing by the Boutique at 44 W. 8th St. to check out pieces donated by some of the trendiest fashion bloggers during a recent swap in NYC.

Style + Substance: these fashion/beauty bloggers are the full package.

Wondering where we got the goods? From the amazing wardrobes of Kimberlee of I Have A Degree In This!, Christine of The Tiny Tie Rant, Laura of LOL Beauty, Kristine of Beauty in NYC, Tessa of Couture Lust, Jamillah of Made to Travel, and their awesome fellow fashion/beauty bloggers at the NYC Bloggers Swap ‘til You Drop last week.

A swap is a fun, eco-aware and super wallet-friendly way to go “shopping” with friends. Basically, you all bring the clothes you own but no longer adore, offer them up to the group, and fill up your own tote with new-to-you finds from your friends. Of course, not everything’s a fit, and whatever’s left, you donate to Goodwill.

If you’re a fashion thrifter and would like to be a part of upcoming blogger swaps, tweet us hello at @goodwillnynj and say hi on Facebook, two places we share info on events all the time. But don’t think we’re telling you to spend all day online – it’s gorgeous out! Enjoy the sunshine, today’s all-store Spring Sale and the brand new(-to-you) Blogger Swap Rack!

6 thoughts on “The Blogger Swap Rack at the Goodwill Boutique

    • goodwillnynj says:

      Our pleasure! Thank you for the great donations – those items go to making your community stronger. Keep us in the loop as to any future swaps & thank you again for your fantastic support!


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