Goodwill Gems: The Lucky (Green) Charm

Do you have your 4-leaf clover ready for a Goodwill adventure? St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Our Lauren Haslett started the new month with a trip to her local Goodwill and chanced on a Goodwill gem fit for the holiday to come. Introducing: the Lucky (Green) Charm.

A modern piece with old world charm – the necklace's deep emerald stone, clean lines and simple design will add a touch of elegance to any look, whether you're dressing for a leprechaun party or ho-hum workday.

In celebration of the fresh new season we’re about to make our way into – as well as everyone’s favorite excuse to dress up and drink green beer – this week’s gem is a gorgeous green bauble that you can wear out during Irish-themed festivities. Best of all, once the rainbows and pots of gold disappear, this piece will stay treasured, ever-appropriate as an accessory for more sophisticated attire.

A long, simple silver chain leads down to an equally simple silver hoop, which encloses the jade-colored stone that really makes this necklace a statement piece. This pendant’s striking color makes it the perfect pick to put on with toned-down winter wardrobe staples in dark or neutral hues, but it will work just as well with the soft pastels and fem floral patterns about to bloom this Spring.

With so many choices, how should you style a Lucky (Green) Charm like this? The question’s a toughie. This necklace could just as easily be worn with a flirty, old-fashioned floral dress as with a more streamlined, modern wardrobe, and it’s that versatility that makes this gem such a fantastic find.

Here, I’ve chosen to pair my pretty new necklace with a sweet sweater dress in a soft gray that has a slightly old-fashioned feel, thanks to the voluminous sleeves, which add a bit of drama to this otherwise basic knit. The tights underneath add warmth, of course, but choosing a pair in a vivid color like this sunshine yellow gives the outfit a fresh, contemporary edge. With a favorite pair of leather boots and my new green globe pendant, I have an unexpectedly vibrant ensemble that’s perfect for that transition time between the winter and spring seasons.

Bright tights, a cozy knit dress, and the brilliant pop of yellow set the stage for the eye-catching charm, making it clear I’m more than ready for the fun, feisty fashion of spring!

How will you bring green into your St. Patrick’s look? Come tell us! Write about your fashion fun in the comments here, post a photo of a fav look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted!


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