Goodwill Gems: Bohemian Sandals

Did someone say Spring Cleaning? With the month of March pouncing like a lion, it’s hard not to let thoughts turn to sorting out those closets and filling them with fresh new looks for a new season – spring! Our Lauren Haslett heads to her local Goodwill for the perfect Spring fever find: a pair of bohemian sandals.

Every wardrobe craves a pair of wear-with-everything sandals that you never tire of - and these are just the thing to carry her through the spring/summer season. Good think I'll have the closet space!

Spring? Bring it on! I have big plans to clean out my wardrobe and donate last season’s finds. Still, even this Goodwill-loving girl needs encouragement. To spur on my Spring Cleaning efforts, I’ve set my sights on new-to-me finds, those items just begging to fill up the space the no-longer-neededs will free up once gone.

What better way to jump into this unsullied season of new life and new beginnings than with a cute, comfy pair of sandals? They’re sweet and stylish, but still laid back, and the lack of any heel makes them so perfect for a long, lazy stroll through your nearest park or your favorite city streets.

In a neutral tan and white color scheme, this pair is versatile enough to wear with any other colors in the rainbow, but this two-tone design is anything but boring – the cute cutouts in the tan leather and alternating sections of woven white strips still draw the eye, creating an understated bohemian look that will add tons of visual interest to any warm-weather ensemble.

While you could wear a pair of multipurpose shoes like these with almost any casual look (they’d look fabulous with everything from t-shirts and Bermuda shorts to a feminine, floral sundress) I’ve decided to stick with an outfit that has the gypsy feel these sandals give me.

By balancing funkier pieces with staples like skinny jeans, this boho-chic look comes together like magic.

For that 21st century twist, you’ll see I’ve grounded the outfit with a city girl’s staple: my favorite pair of form-fitting skinny jeans. They stop right at the ankle, so they’re the ideal length for showing off my darling new sandals. And because they’re such a slim cut, they allow me to balance the look by putting a looser, larger, more flowing piece on top, like the airy floral blouse I’ve chosen here. With a simple cardigan on top to ward off any early spring chill and a few beaded bangles, I have a comfortable, casual, yet feminine look that is perfect for spring.

What Goodwill Gems are you searching for to replace the space your Spring Cleaning will make? Come tell us! Write about your fashion fun in the comments here, post a photo of a fav look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted!


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