Living the Goodwill Life

Could you go a full year buying everything (except food & medicine) at Goodwill?” We asked this question way back in January 2011 when one incredible woman, Beautiful Existence, launched her own Goodwill Challenge: buying everything (except food & medicine) at Goodwill for a full year – and, not only that, documenting every step of the journey (along with Total Savings tallies).

Did Beautiful Existence survive the Goodwill Challenge? You better believe it!

We have to admit: it sounded tough. Once we interviewed Beautiful Existence in June, though, we knew she was doing just fine. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder: just how much would you save if you only shopped at Goodwill for an entire year? Well, stay tuned, thrift fans, and keep checking Living the Goodwill Life. A tally’s on the way

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