Trend Watch Thrifting: Glitter & Glam

Silver, gold, copper, platinum – if it’s shiny and shimmers, we’re into it. GoodwillNyNj’s resident thrift expert Emme Bonilla has done her research at the local Goodwills, scoping out the best ways to bring the glimmer from the Times Square Ball into your wardrobe this New Year with this week’s Trend Watch Thrifting pick: Glitter and Glam!

Yes, that is a shirred gold lamé miniskirt. From Goodwill. For $9.99. New Years Eve outfit? Oh yea.

Christmas, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, however you’ve celebrated so far, we hope you’ve filled your holiday season with light, love, and goodwill. Moving on, though, there’s even more to look forward to – a whole new year of fashion, in fact! So find your shimmers and sparkles, your twinkle lights and shiny baubles, and take the New Year by shiny, shimmery (budget-, environment- and community-loving) storm! Take a look:

Shimmy and Shine: Parties are the best reason to bring out your sparkliest garments: they are incredibly festive and a perfect match for the occasion… It’s also super fun to get dressed to the nines and maybe take a risk and try something new. Dresses covered in sequins, rhinestones, or mirrored stones are easy to spot in the racks, since they’ll be winking at you from across the store!

Be the life of the party in these swinging dresses! Wear them over turtlenecks or under a sharp shouldered blazer...

Wear dresses like these on their own or with dark tights/shoes, with minimal jewelry and sparse accessories. Keep the makeup simple and let the dress be the center of attention!

Elegant Glam: Of course, you can always shine without a mini-skirt hemline…

Staying home watching the ball drop? You can still rock some casual sequins with an embellished hoodie or shrug.
With the right styling, the metallic embroidered tunic is appropriate for ages 20-50+. Meanwhile, the refined wrap-top is quite a piece, perfect to pair with well-cut trousers or even skinny jeans!

For something less flashy but still full of mirth, look for metallic fabric in classic shapes. Metallic embroidery is also a great way to go!  The look is easier to incorporate in your everyday wear by pairing them with your wardrobe essentials. I love the contrast of the gold miniskirt with a crisp button-down shirt. Or try a jacket like the one below with jeans and heels.

I can't help but swoon over this Chanel-inspired cropped jacket, especially the silver threading. So luxe!

Flash in Your Step: Shy around jazzy and snazzy duds but still want some sparkle? Get yourself a pair of bejeweled shoes and get ready to kick your heels all night! The wonderful thing of these metallic shoes is their versatility: they can be worn with many outfits, from casual to formal, meaning you can get a great cost-per-wear! Worried about cold feet? Go the high-fashion route and pair them with slouchy socks!

Sassy or sweet? In silver and gold, it's all good at Goodwill.
Strap in these gold heels for a night to remember...

Sparkling Jewels: Of course, you can’t forget the icing on top! Goodwill is a FANTASTIC source for great bling. Check the store windows for the cream of the crop: elegant fine jewels alongside dramatic costume baubles… and then keep your eyes peeled for when they go for sale! Mix and match different metals for a modern look! Wear brooches as hair ornaments or dangling on a chain!

These beautiful earrings look like metal lace, and the rhinestones make it even more fab!
I love finding bracelets and bangles and stacking them by the armful! So cheery!

Got your party outfit at Goodwill? Show us your fabulous thrifted holiday finds this season! Share links by commenting, tweeting @GoodwillNyNj or posting the pics on our Facebook wall!


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