Goodwill Gem: 2012 Heels

Now that Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah and Boxing Day are all behind us, there’s still one big holiday left on this season’s events calendar – New Year’s Eve. Our correspondent Lauren heads out to her local Goodwill (in the midst of a big houseware sale, mind you) to find a Goodwill Gem ready to wear right into the New Year. This week’s find: 2012 Heels!

In a soft nude shade and accented with shiny gold, these shoes are festive, sweet and feminine, without being overly flashy.

There tends to be so much buildup around this holiday, and so much pressure for a girl to find the perfect party, the perfect dress and the perfect date to kiss as the clock strikes midnight. Get at least one of the three out of the way in time to enjoy this festive evening out, by getting the perfect pieces to create a stunning New Year’s Eve ensemble – all at a great price!

These darling wedges are the perfect shoe to take you from party to party this New Year’s Eve, whether you’re hitting a hip club in a trendy neighborhood or heading to friend’s apartment for a more intimate bash. The wedge heel adds height but is still comfortable enough to hit the dance floor in, and delicate hue – a nude tone with a hint of rosy blush – is an ideal color to pair with almost any party dress, from classic black to a deep jewel tone like a rich plum or emerald, that is so popular during the holiday season.

Though these shoes are perfect for partying, don’t think that after a fancy night out, they need to be relegated to the back corner of your closet until next year – these heels can be worn again and again and again! They can be dressy or downplayed, and are just fancy enough to add a touch of glam to an everyday, more casual look, like the outfit I’ve chosen here.

Once you're in the New Year, this all-purpose ensemble lets your 2012 heels shine on!

The soft pink blouse is as sweet and feminine as the shoes that accent it, and the gray floral detail works beautifully with the simple, slim-cut gray pants I’ve chosen to pair it with. 2012 better get ready for you – this outfit’s appropriate for work, but still nice enough to wear to a casual get-together with friends, or a brunch or shopping date with your best girlfriend.

Are you wearing a Goodwill Gem into the New Year? Tell us all about it in the comments here, post a photo of the finished look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted!


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