Goodwill Gem: The Dapper Hat

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas – if only for the cozy outfits we’ll then wear! Our Lauren Haslett takes a tour of her local Goodwill with an eye out for cold-weather better-bundle-up finds. This week’s Goodwill Gem: the Dapper Hat.

This soft gray hat fits snugly to keep out the chill, but looks a little more polished and put together than your standard knit cap.

Knit hats with fluffy pom-poms and puffy down coats are a great way to stay warm on any old winter day. But for a special occasion, sometimes a girl wants to stay warm with a little more grownup looking (and a little more fancy hairdo-friendly) accessory. That’s why this week’s gem from Goodwill is such a perfect find – this sweet hat has a lovely side bow to add a girly touch, and perches lightly atop the head, so it won’t completely smush your carefully styled locks.

Structure’s key here when the wind starts howling – since this dapper hat is made of a sturdy, soft wool, it will still keep you cozy and warm while you’re trekking about in the blustery winter weather. And in a muted slate gray, this hat will easily go with whatever other winter accessories you need to pile on to stay toasty and comfortable outdoors.

Worn with a sharp, classic-looking wool dress coat, this hat would easily make you stand a head above the rest in the crowds of shoppers and sightseers roaming the city streets during the holiday season. However, the beauty of a piece like this is that it’s just as easy to coordinate it with your actual outfit as it is to match it to your outdoor gear.

If you’d like to tailor an outfit specifically to this find, though – here’s my suggestion: play up the menswear, but toss in some girlish fun.

Feminine touches give this dapper hat extra charm!

Here, I’ve decided to use it to top off a look anchored in a slim-fitting black pant in a soft, cozy velvet fabric. On top, I’ve chosen a flowy teal button-down blouse. Its buttoned style reminds me of a classic menswear-inspired piece – perfect with a hat like this that clearly comes from similar inspiration – but the silky, see-through fabric and ruffle add a very feminine flair to the blouse, as well as to the overall look.

How are you keeping warm and stylin’ this winter season? Come share in the comments here, post a photo of the finished look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted!


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