Optimal Play: The Plaid Button-Down

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but you know what would make winter even more wonderful? Finding ways to make warm-weather favorites work just as well in the chill. In this week’s Optimal Play, our Emme Bonilla does just that, transforming a basic plaid shirt into a winter wonderland of wardrobe options.

A graphic pop to an all-black ensemble is my go-to winter outfit. Especially when the forecast is rain or snow...

Inspired by my recent columns, I decided to write an Optimal Play post around this black-and-white plaid button-down shirt I bought last summer for a steal. In those months, it served as a great cover-up for the beach or an extra layer for catching an outdoor movie at the park. But just because it’s wintertime, it doesn’t mean it will stay in storage (what storage space where??). I’ve put together a few outfits to show off it’s winter-ful versatility!

(Not-so) Basic Black

  • Tuck some skinny cords, jeans, or warm leggings into some rainboots
  • A vest pulls it all together (if you put on a blazer, it’s a 3 piece suit!)
  • Swap jeans for trousers, boots for heels and you’ve got yourself a no-nonsense work outfit
Playing with prints is a way to keep it fun and flirty. Your coat can dress it up or down...*

Mixing It Up

  • A belt defines the waist and adds some shine (also reflected in the platform heels)
  • Thigh-high boots are another sexy option
  • For a more casual feel, add a jean jacket and a puffer vest…and don’t forget a warm scarf!
A great holiday outfit that can be worn out to the office party or the family dinner table!

Merry and Bright

  • Opaque black tights paired with booties elongate your legs
  • The shirt has silver threaded throughout, so make sure you have some blingy accessories to match!
Holiday markets? Ice skating? Walking in the first snow? Meet your perfect ensemble!

Out The Door…

  • Start with warm undergarments: heat-producing tights and a turtleneck can make the lowest temperatures bearable
  • A hoodie and a wool blazer are casual-yet-polished
  • Jean leggings + leg warmers + riding boots = toasty gams!
  • Finish off with a knit hat to keep you warm and cozy

Love these looks? Got more ideas? Tell us all about it! You can comment here or comment on Facebook and Twitter (@GoodwillNyNj).

Kitty decided to stop by my photoshoot...

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