A Thanksgiving Thank You Sale!

Make your Thanksgiving table even more beautiful this year with a boost from your Goodwill store. To help you prepare for the holiday, we’re offering a Thanksgiving Sale! Take 40% off housewares from Sunday, November 20, through Wednesday, November 23.

After all, our programs and services are funded by your donations and purchases. This sale is just one small way for us to say thank you. We thought about gobbling like a turkey, but really, this is better, don’t you think?

To find your nearest Goodwill, visit http://www.goodwillnynj.org/findgoodwill.aspx. Happy Holidays!


3 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Thank You Sale!

  1. Started early at Goodies for Thanksgiving items. We had lost a great many items acouple of years ago when our storage unit burnt and all of our things were destroyed (in Vernon, NJ) So little by little, we have replaced our turkey roaster (with one better than we’d had!) Have gotten lovely cookie platters, candy dishes to make our special days as Special as they can be. We are thankful for those who make the effort to donate items rather than toss them.This not only provides good jobs for folks and items at a reasonable cost to improve the lives of others at an affordable cost and restore our faith & Holiday happiness! Thank you all & God Bless.


    1. Thanks for the great comment! We’re sorry to hear about the storage fire, but we love that you found the cookie platters and candy dishes you needed. Thank you so much for spending your money at our stores, supporting our programs and helping your community. You’re just one more reason we’re very thankful here at Goodwill this holiday season. Enjoy Thanksgiving, Marsha!


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