Good(will) Sense: Your All-Weather Wardrobe

Do you know what your clothing’s really worth? We’re not talking about the price – we’re talking about the “cost per wear.” A Good Look’s Emme Bonilla explains how a new calculation can really clear up your wardrobe:

Think you can only wear a dress like this (Diane von Furstenburg for $, mind you) in the summertime? Think again.

In our last installment of Good(will) Sense, we discussed “cost-per-wear” and how getting your threads at your local Goodwill is a great way to stretch your dollar. Today, I want to mention another way to get the most out of your money by using your clothes throughout the varied seasons. Storage space is not exactly bountiful in New York real estate, so you have to get creative in how to wear that summery top in the mid-winter temps.

Take a look above –  that printed silk DVF dress was a TOTAL STEAL at $24.99 (it usually retails for $345). For the summertime, it’s perfect on its own, a cinched belt and sandals, but just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean I’ll need to store it away. Here’s where the Good(will) Sense comes in…

To get extra wear out of this fav find, I’ll start with wearing a pair of fleece-lined tights (my secret weapon for the wintertime). If I want to keep it casual, I’ll throw on a hoodie, a jean jacket, a colorful scarf. and finish the look with knee-high boots. If I want to dress it up, though, a blazer and heels are the perfect touch (and I can add a faux fur vest if it gets too nippy!)

Now, even if you don’t have a DVF in your closet, I bet you have some ideal candidates for Good(will) Sense. Get excited, then, since today I’ll give you some tips on how to maximize your wardrobe for year-round wear!

First Things First: Insulate!

When the worlds of technology and fashion collide, you’re sure to get amazing innovations. Thin, insulating fabrics are the perfect garments to wear underneath. Tights and long sleeved undershirts will be crucial, especially when it starts to freeze. Tips for tights: show them off (like those gold leggings I got for less than $4!)


Say it with me: layers, layers, and more layers! This is the key to wearing any piece in the colder months. That button down shirt? Add a long sleeved shirt underneath and an essential blazer on top. The maxi dress is not just for the sun, wear leggings underneath, add a cozy long cardi and shearling boots and it’s a sophisticated winter outfit.

Think Different

A strapless dress? Wear it over a turtleneck and tights in contrasting colors for a colorblocked look. Pencil skirts look less prim and more edgy with knee-high boots. A chambray shirt worn over a plaid flannel screams cabin chic!

Accessories Galore

The clincher to combat the cold? Warm knits like hats, scarves, and socks are the perfect opportunity to add a little flash to your ensemble. If you’re too shy to wear a bright red dress, why not a colorful pashmina? Animal print accessories are another on-trend way to jazz things up!

That DVF photo above is great example of what I’m talking about – and get this: the dress behind it is another DVF dress I found on the same day! It doesn’t get any better than that.

What are your favorite ways to winterize your wardrobe? Show us how you wear your clothes through the four seasons by posting pics on Facebook, tweeting at @GoodwillNyNj or commenting below!


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