Swapaholics, ModCloth, Goodwill & You

Way back in September, we were invited to a Fashion Week Clothing Swap by the Swapaholics and ModCloth. The swap was a blast (to throw your own, click here for great tips by Lemondrop), and, even better, the group donated all the leftover items to GoodwillNyNj!

Take a look at what's headed to the Goodwill Boutique... (Image courtesy of Swapaholics.)

The theme was vintage and designer labels and all the clothes were donated by fashion bloggers in the NYC area. Here’s the best part: we’ll be showing off the racks and offering the items for sale at our Goodwill Boutique in Greenwich Village (44 West 8th Street just east of 6th Avenue) starting Friday, November 11th. Hope you enjoy!

 Greenwich Village Goodwill Boutique

44 West 8th Street (b/t 6th Ave. & MacDougal)


Mon-Sat 10am-9pm; Sun 10am-8pm


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