Trend Watch Thrifting: Animal Print

We’ll be announcing the winner of our Halloween Window Contest tomorrow, and if the suspense leaves you feeling cagey, well, turn that wild into style. This week our Emme Bonilla hunts her way through Goodwill to catch the big trend of animal print!

Leopard print ankle booties ready for the winter catwalk!

Animal prints were HUGE for Fall/Winter 2010-2011, especially my all-time favorite: leopard. This year the trend is scaled down to accessories which makes it infinitely more wearable! Now, I hear you saying, “But I barely see any animal print accessories in the stores!” and that’s because they get snapped up FAST (usually by me…oops!). So keep a sharp eye out for these incredibly versatile pops of purr-fection.
Keep In Mind:

  • Neutral is best. Animal prints are wild enough without needing to add a bold color. Keep it in the brown/taupe/gray/black family for a more wearable piece.
The gray-tone cardi and trench are subtle and office-friendly options for this trend
  • Think outside the box! A cosmetics bag can also serve as a chic clutch. A thin belt can be wrapped multiple times around your wrist like a bracelet. Don’t settle for one way of using these accessories!


  • Don’t hesitate. Good quality accessories in an animal print will become classics in your closet. If you find one in your local Goodwill, don’t let go!
The makeup bag (left) and wallet (right) are too pretty to stay inside a purse...

Wearing The Trend:

  • C’est Chic – For a classic, put-together look wear only one animal print accessory at a time.


  • C’est Freak! – Mix it up with other patterns for a funkier look. I love the look of leopard with stripes, but it also plays well with florals and polka-dots!
Strappy wedges and zebra bangle are a pair in heaven... and perfect for that island vacation in the middle of wintertime
  • Color on the Prowl – An animal print accessory paired with a vibrant color is my favorite way to wear this trend. Try a bright red or a sophisticated emerald green. Think jewel-toned, saturated colors for an striking look.
Peep-toe heels in leopard = fashion jackpot

Remember these fabulous leopard print oxfords from the last Optimal Play post? Well, the price was $9.99 but I paid exactly $0.00 because I used my Goodwill Customer Rewards points for $10 off! And this is why I LOVE GOODWILL!!!

I've already worn these shoes a dozen times. Talk about smart cost-per-wear!

Have you found any great animal print accessories at Goodwill? Tell us more, tell us more! Leave a comment, write on our Facebook Wall or tweet @GoodwillNyNj and share those great finds!

P.S. Here’s a little video I made showing the items I recently dropped off at Goodwill! What have you donated lately?


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