What I Wore: Halloween Ideas Galore!

Imagine this: you don’t have a ton of time or money to spend on a costume. You care about the planet, creativity and style. Sound familiar? We’ve been here before & here’s what we’ve learned: Yes, you can find run-of-the-mill costumes at the stores, but with a little imagination you can find clothes that you can wear again and again (lowering that cost-per-wear) even after the festivities! Need ideas? Our Emme Bonilla has the solution: Hit the fashion blogs!:

Looking for style inspiration? "What I wore" has it in spades.

Hey costume-hunters, it’s Emme! If you’re looking for inspiration this Halloween, look at Jessica Quirk, author of the wildly popular daily outfit blog: What I Wore, and the fantastic sub-project “Homemade Halloween: Do It Yourself Costume Ideas.”

Jessica’s proven that all you need is a few bucks, a keen eye, and little creative thinking to whip up a fabulous costume mixing your own wardrobe with easily thriftable items. Her costume posts range from super simple and quick to make to more elaborate and time consuming creations.

Up after the break are three costume ideas that you can put together in a snap:

This Carmen San Diego image was borrowed from the fantastic site "What I Wore" - http://whatiwore.tumblr.com

Take a look at her suggestion for Carmen San Diego: get a red trench and an oversized hat (doesn’t have to be red, but a bright, bold color helps) that you can trim with scrap ribbon. Grab an atlas (or rolled up maps), look furtively from side to side as you enter the room, and you’re all set!

And after the party’s over? Wear the fashionably hued trench all the way through Fall! And the hat? Perfect for keeping your head warm in the cooling temps!

This flight attendant image was borrowed from "What I Wore" - http://whatiwore.tumblr.com - and features Jessica Quick as photographed by Adam Quirk.

And speaking of wearing things again, her “PanAm”-inspired flight stewardess costume‘s main focus is a red pencil skirt. Hmm, where have I seen that before?? Add a white blouse, some essential pumps and a jaunty necktie. A retro hairdo and cute DIY flight wings are the finishing touches… Now you’re ready to fly away!

This Rosie the Riveter image was borrowed from "What I Wore" - http://whatiwore.tumblr.com - again featuring the ever-creative Jessica Quick as photographed by Adam Quirk.

This year I’m going to be swiping her costume idea for Rosie the Riveter. I already have the look in my own closet, all thanks to Goodwill: A chambray shirt and a (preferably high-wasted) pair of jeans. I just need to add a red bandana and flex my bicep… See? I CAN do it!

What Goodwill-sourced Halloween costume(s) will you be deck out in? Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter!


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