Goodwill Gem: A Bolt of Tough-Girl Style

Last night’s Goodwill DMD Fashion Show was amazing! We’ll have a post up about it soon, but for now, here’s a little Halloween-themed glitz to get you through the day. That’s right, it’s our columnist Lauren‘s latest Goodwill Gem: a bolt of tough-girl style. Thank goodness great finds at your local Goodwill strike twice (and three times, and four, and…)

This signature accessory will make a statement, no matter what you outfit you put it on over.

Have you been looking for that perfect piece to inject your style with some sizzle? Look no further, because this week’s gem is a truly electric accessory that will surely do just that – and might even breeze you into Halloween (goth girl, rock star, the galaxy… the possibilities are endless)!

This long chain necklace in silver and gold has just the right amount of flash to attract attention (but only the best kind). A statement necklace this is, but certainly not a fancy, bejeweled or overtly feminine one, so it works with a variety of ensembles. Eyes will enviously note the lightning bolt charms strung throughout this otherwise understated piece, and friends will think that maybe you’re a little bit bolder than they had previously realized.

So of course, now that you’ve seen a fabulous statement necklace, you’ll want to see one way to wear it – assuming you’re not pairing it with an argyle tie and broken glasses as Halloween’s Ultimate Harry Potter Fan Girl. Well, if so:

Go dark – and leggy. With equally sizzling shorts, a simple top and some textured tights, this newfound gem goes from being simply an interesting necklace to being part of a stunning ensemble.

It was a dark and stormy... outfit. Whether you go as a vamp or vampire, an edgy Goodwill Gem will have a fashion life long after Halloween!

Here, I’ve decided to show off my legs in a pair of sparkly navy shorts and a plain tee to match, which makes the perfect dark, neutral backdrop to display my new necklace. The snazzy shorts add a little more shine to the ensemble without directly competing with my chosen accessory – any sparkle on top would be overkill.

As for the shorts, the high-waist lets me add a little more interest to the outfit by letting throw in a pair of textured gray tights as well. With a pair of high-heeled booties and a cardigan or light jacket for those cool autumn nights, this brilliant look is brought together in a flash!

Have you found a Goodwill Gem you’ll be using this Halloween (and hopefully long after)? Tell me in the comments here, on our Facebook page or through a @GoodwillNyNj tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


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