Goodbye September, Hello Window Sales!

Tough month? Treat yourself to our window sale at Goodwill’s Livingston store in Downtown Brooklyn, Goodwill’s 79th Street store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, or Goodwill’s 23rd street store in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park this Friday, September 30!

Doors open at 9 a.m. for the Brooklyn Livingston sale and at 9:30 a.m. for Manhattan’s 23rd Street and 79th Street sales. Once the doors are open, the sale starts immediately and purchases are limited to two items per person. Visit our website at to map the location. And most of all, enjoy the sale!

Just in case you’re not in the know yet, a Goodwill Window Sale is when the best items in the store (which have been displayed in the window for days if not weeks) go on sale. There are often designer items and high-priced toys in the mix.

We’ve seen everything from an XBox to a Prada suit to a gorgeous electric guitar. Crowds form early, so try to get to the store well before doors open. Good luck to you all!


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