Goodwill Gem: The Sparkling Scarf

Fall Flirt continues! Only this time, it’s moving on up from the tips of your toes to the chest, neck and shoulders. After all, it’s scarf season, so let’s make it shine! Our thrift-loving Lauren headed out to her local store and guess what she found? The newest Goodwill Gem: the ever-eye-catching sparkling scarf.

This teal scarf, decorated with gold sequins, reminds me of a peacock's feather. Take it out and strut, lady; it's Fall Flirt, after all!

It’s here – scarf weather. Well, it’s starting to be, anyway. And even if it isn’t yet cold enough to bundle up from head to toe (thank goodness!), we are at the beginning of autumn. Mornings and evenings get chilly, but most days, it’s still warm enough to make you want to leave that jacket at home. So what’s a girl to do to stay looking stylish and snazzy, and comfortable in this weather, without lugging an extra wardrobe around?

No worries, because I’ve got you covered (but just covered enough). Though this time of year can be tricky style-wise, I found the perfect all-purpose piece this week to get you through with a side of flirt to spare – and it’s from one of my favorite Goodwill stores, of course!

This brilliant teal scarf is a great color for fall; it still has the vibrancy of all your favorite summer hues, but the deeper, richer tone is exactly what you need to lead you into fall and winter. The matte gold sequin detail fun, funky and even a little dressy, but because the sequins aren’t super shiny, the scarf doesn’t look too flashy, just eye-catching enough to get a nice dose of Why Hello Stranger! attention.

How will I style this gorgeous piece? With an easy, effortless, yet still chic look; I’ll throw on my favorite pair jeans, some perfect-for-fall leather boots and well-cut blazer over a well-worn tank. For today, I’ve chosen a flowing gold tank to pick up the metallic design on the scarf, and play up the fun in this flirt-worthy piece.

Casual sparkle – add the scarf and it's the right look for almost any occasion... especially Fall Flirt!

How are you bringing the flirt to fall fashion? Tell me in the comments here, on our Facebook page or through a @GoodwillNyNj tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


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