The Twenty Dollar Challenge!

Happy Monday! To celebrate the new week, we’re starting a new column: The Twenty Dollar Challenge, featuring the fantastic fashion thrift expert, Danielle Landry. We’ll be posting her first adventure tackling the Challenge (finding a whole, awesome, Goodwill outfit on a given theme for under $20), but first, here’s a little introduction from our go-to girl herself. Enjoy!:

Meet our newest A Good Look columnist, the fabulous Danielle Landry!

My name is Danielle Landry and I am hopelessly in love………….. with thrift shopping. It all started back in my hometown of Miami in 2003 when I found a Jem and The Holograms flyer for an 80’s night at a Downtown Miami club named Soho Lounge. I went home, immediately scanned my closet but I was lacking in vintage. What was I to do? Where was I to find the right kind of clothes with some serious style that wouldn’t break the bank. Then a revelation hit. “I gotta go to the Goodwill!”

Needless to say, the Goodwill had EVERYTHING to fulfill my 80’s needs and a whole lot more. Up until that point, I had never really shopped at any actual thrift store, just the consignment store my mother and I sold a few things here and there to. But consignment stores and thrift stores are not created equal! My dollar can go much, much further in a thrift store anytime, anywhere. I’m much happier shopping thrift stores than I ever was shopping the malls.

Being a student at the time, I was on a seriously tight budget. All I had on me was a $20 and some spare change but I was determined to stretch that $20. Did I ever! I walked out of that Goodwill with a head to toe outfit for $20 dollars!!! Earrings, bangles, rosaries, two tops, a skirt and stilettos. My friend Erica bought a matching outfit to mine at the very same Goodwill the next day. We were the hit of the club since to our surprise, no one else was dressed in 80’s clothing. But soon, I began to see things change.

After the first few nights I dressed in vintage, more and more of the club go-ers began to stretch their vintage wings by getting totally decked out. I’m sure that a vast majority of them turned to Goodwill, as I did and avidly continue to do, for these looks. That puts a smile on my face just imagining that by dressing the way I did that first night , and the many nights that followed, I allowed them to think outside the box. Those people are not the drab department store drones we see with on a daily basis. They are individuals. They are thrift shoppers!

What inspired you to start shopping thrift? Share your aha stories with Danielle and the whole A Good Look team on Facebook, via Twitter, or right here in the comment section below. Style on, thrifters, and keep rocking the Goodwill!


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