Goodwill Gems: It’s Fall Flirt!

Spring Fever? So last season. Here at A Good Look, we’re all for Fall Flirt. You heard us – it’s the time of the year where the weather is perfect for long walks at sunset, cute winks on the sidewalks, and a killer pair of new-to-you, how-do-you-do shoes. Take a look at our thrift-loving Lauren‘s newest Goodwill Gem: Flirty Fall Shoes to see just why we’re head over heels this fall…

Be careful: these bright blue peep-toes might just stop traffic. Hello Autumn, and hello love!

Is the crisper fall weather making you feel a bit friskier? Well, there’s nothing quite like a bright new pair of heels to lighten your step and bring up your fabulous factor at the start of new season. And what shoes could fill that role better or make you feel more fabulous than finding a pair like this found your local Goodwill?

These electric blue kicks are an absolute steal at only $13, especially considering they look like a Fashion Week invention and have no visible wear anywhere I could see. They also happen to be fun, playful and sexy all at once – probably just like you!

So how to wear them out in the gorgeous autumnal sunshine? Be bold – but selective (kind of like dating, right?). Though the vivid colors and funky details might make these shoes seem hard to wear, the truth is that they’re anything but.

A pop of bright color is an impressive but easy way to perk up any outfit and take it from everyday to extra-special. And no matter how bold your style choices, as long as you wear them with confidence, you’ll come off looking like the style-savvy lady that you are.

To make of a pair of heels like this one really stand out, keep the rest simple – but hip. These shoes are all about fun, so holding back too much when choosing the rest of your pieces could be just as bad as going too far.

Keep it simple, downtown chic and let the shoes pop.

The faux-leather leggings I’ve chosen here (a favorite for autumn) are bold because of the material, but, being solid black, they’re also basic, meaning they won’t fight with new footwear for attention. A loose-fitting white tee is both cozy and sexy, and big statement piece of jewelry, like this long beaded necklace, adds some visual interest up top and brings the whole look together.

Are you feeling Fall Flirt? If so, how are you dressing up to show off? Tell me in the comments here, on our Facebook page or through a @GoodwillNyNj tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


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