Goodwill Gem: The Endless Summer Shoe

Fall has arrived. From the gray clouds to the windy chill, today calls for the full autumn get up: cardigan and all. Still, it’s hard to just give summer fun the shove-off so suddenly. Our fix? Lauren Haslett find – a Goodwill Gem that keeps the boardwalk alive just a little bit longer, even if you’re wearing your thickest woolen tights. Introducing… the Endless Summer Shoe.

This pretty pink pair of open-toed wedges is perfect for the late summer/early fall fashion season.

Now that the long Labor Day Weekend has passed, summer is officially over. Sad. Fight the blues with something fun – an accessory you can carry into the new season without catching a chill. My pick? A new-to-me pair of shoes from my local Goodwill!

Playful kicks are a quick mood fix for this transitional time of year. The bright raspberry hue (almost exactly the same shade as last week’s Goodwill Gem!) adds a burst of summery color to any ensemble, but still mixes beautifully with deeper fall colors, like rich browns, sleek navy blues, or a classic and sophisticated black. The low wooden wedge adds height and lengthens legs but is easy to walk in, so these are a great choice for busy girls on the go.

Feminine and pretty, these wedges are super-stylish as well as soft and comfortable, making them just the right shoe to put with your favorite casual pieces. Here, I’ve created an outfit that works well for a casual Friday at the office, a weekend brunch or a shopping excursion with friends.

To achieve the ideal balance between autumn appropriate and laid-back summer style, choose an outfit of layered pieces, like the one pictured here.

Layers are a great dressing strategy for in-between fall weather, and cinching them with a vivid pink belt in the same shade as the shoes ties the whole ensemble together while simultaneously giving me that feminine, curvy figure I want. With my new pink shoes to top off this look, I’ve got an easy, effortless casual style that is suitable with everyday wear.

How are you bringing summer fun into fall? Tell me in the comments here, on our Facebook page or through a @GoodwillNyNj tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!

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