Goodwill Essentials: The Blazer

Hear that? It’s the sweet sound of Fall Fashion. This week, our Emme gives in to the siren song of cooler breezes and colored leaves and sets her sights on a Goodwill Essential perfect for autumn (and tailor-made to guarantee a low cost per wear this season): the blazer.

Just a sampling of the whole rack of blazers at Goodwill!

Summer’s making its exit, but that’s no reason style has to do the same. The blazer is one of my favorite no-fail go-to’s when the weather cools down – so thank goodness that Goodwill is full of fantastic options to choose from!

Why is it essential?
Blazers add an extra dose of polish, a flash of sophistication, as well as providing an additional layer for chillier days. For work or for play, you can always count on a blazer to bring an outfit to the next level. It will class up a pair of jeans, give an edge to a floral dress, and show the office who’s the boss.

For tall gals or petite ladies, there's a blazer for everyone!

Here’s what to look for:

  • Fit is everything – When it comes to a tailored item, fit is the most important thing. Single breasted blazers with one or two buttons are the most flattering for most body types. If you are petite, look for a blazer that hits between your waist and the top of your hips. If you have a large bust, a blazer that has darts in the waist will give you a more hourglass shape. Avoid boxy or double breasted blazers, they tend visually widen your frame.
  • Feel the fabric – Search for a light-to-medium weight wool blazer, you’ll be able to wear it 3/4 of the year layering more items as it gets colder. Check out details like a satin lapel or buttons that make the piece stand apart.
  • Keep to a neutral color – Black, grey, camel… This will ensure its versatility with the rest of your wardrobe. Of course, if your closet is a dark sea, consider a bright color for a pop!
  • Pattern? No problem! – A subtle pinstripe or plaid patten is a nice detail that still keeps it refined.
Love these subtle patterned blazers!

Tip #1: If you find a great quality blazer (brand name, nice lining, sturdy construction–especially buttons) and it’s slightly larger, get it to a tailor for a perfectly fitting piece that you will reach for time and time again. The extra money will be a worthwhile investment!

Wondering what to pair your essential blazer with? Here’s a few of my favorite ways to wear it:

  • On cooler days, I’ll add a hoodie under the blazer for a casual yet put-together look
  • Dresses, long or short, look even dressier up with a blazer
  • My favorite office-chic outfit is pairing a non-matching skirt and blazer (say, a black pencil skirt with a grey pinstripe blazer) with a top that can easily transition from work to after-hours in a flash!
Don't you just adore the schoolboy look of this jacket? I did...and got it for myself!

Tip #2: Goodwill sells many skirt and pant suits. If you find one that fits well, snap it up! You’ll be able to wear the pieces together or separately: a super deal!

How do you don your blazer? Tell us all about it by commenting here or sharing your blazer inspirations on our Facebook Page or tweeting at @GoodwillNyNj

P.S. Hot on the tails of my last Trend Watch Thrifting post on polka dots

Can't wait to pair these with polka dot tights, a la Marc Jacobs!

… I snagged this cute wiggle dress with tiny pink spots on navy blue. LOVE!


5 thoughts on “Goodwill Essentials: The Blazer

  1. Thanks for the comment, Bianca! We are big fans of upcycling past looks into the present. Gotta love that new-old-lady style!


  2. Killer finds, Eva! Less than $8 for Oscar de la Renta – how can you beat that? Have you posted on those blazers? Would love to see the link if so – and thank you for the comment!


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